The New Brand Identity of VinHMS

The New Brand Identity of VinHMS
To celebrate four years of establishment and development, VinHMS officially changed our brand identity on August 1st, 2022.

The new logo clearly presents our vision, our mission in Hospitality Management Solution market and will be implemented synchronously across the entire VinHMS company.

Each dot of the new logo represents a product in our ecosystem. These dots are connected with each other by straight lines originating from the heart of the dot, symbolizing the ability to communicate and connect seamlessly between products to provide customers with an all-in-one management solution. The highlight in the new version is an upward stroke at the end which emphasizes VinHMS’s desire to grow in not only  Vietnam but the world.

The VinHMS text in new logo uses an updated minimalist font which is also modern and solid. It follows the concepts that we strive for our products: simple, friendly, constantly updated and focus on the core values.

The color of the new logo remains unchanged as it is always our ambition to bring the national red color with us in our journey of regional & global expansion.

Although the brand identity has changed, VinHMS is always a start-up company with a simple mission: “Transform hospitality operations through technology innovations”.

VinHMS would like to take this opportunity to appreciate our customers, partners, and employees. We hope to receive your continued support and cooperations in the future.

Hello, to new VinHMS and welcome to our new journey!

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