VinHMS and its digital transformation evolution in the hospitality industry at DX Summit 2022

VinHMS and its digital transformation evolution in the hospitality industry at DX Summit 2022

The digital transformation keyword has generated the most searched volume in recent years and gradually become a vital trend for business fundamentals in this era of technology. The digital transformation journey does not stop with only digitalizing the traditional procedures and processes but rather the business culture itself. In each field of expertise, there is a certain digital transformation journey that fits that particular industry alone and is unexchangeable. All in favor of achieving the same goal: to optimize the current human resources in order to maximize business revenues and profits while gaining competitive advantages as well as successfully retaining the customers throughout.  

The Vietnam – Asia Digital Transformation Summit 2022 (DX Summit 2022) was organized by Vinasa, featuring businesses who have mastered their digital transformation journey nationally and internationally on May 25th & 26th at InterContinential Landmark 72 in Hanoi. With the patronage of the Ministry & National Departments, the Prime Minister – Mr. Pham Minh Chinh will be leading the grand opening ceremony. The government has been actively promoting and understanding the positive impacts of the digital transformation journey, therefore the National digital transformation program period 2020 through 2025, with a vision toward 2030.  

VinHMS booth at the DX Summit 2022

VinHMS booth is jammed pack with guests visiting the DX Summit 2022

 VinHMS is proud to be featuring and sponsor for the DX Summit 2022, aiming to bring the ultimate and complete digital transformation hospitality management solution to the hospitality industry. With a group of professional engineers and leading experts in the industry, joining forces to handcraft the best solutions there are to help businesses speed up their digital transformation smoothly and effectively without having to constantly experiment with different methodologies until finding the right spice that works. 

We are a young entrepreneur tech startup with extensive years of experience in providing exceptional business solutions globally, especially the CiHMS – hospitality management solution. CiHMS has successfully deployed in over 40 5-star hotel chains & luxurious resorts across the nation, only one year after its launch. Integrated with cutting-edge technology such as OCR, facial recognition technology, contactless payment, QRMenu – order digitally, MICE, etc. has earned customers’ trust at the very beginning.  

The VinHMS Team is hyped up at the DX Summit 2022 event.

The VinHMS Team is hyped up at the DX Summit 2022 event – the biggest digital transformation event in Vietnam – Asia 2022.

At the event, Mr. Hoang Nguyen – CEO of VinHMS as the guest speaker at the event will be presenting the insights of VinHMS solutions for the hospitality industry, along with his experiences in helping businesses and hotels going through the digital transformation journey, their regrets, and obstacles that have doubted them in the past. As he said previously: “Digital transformation might not lie within your financial capabilities, but your business’ priorities. Many businesses have been going through the process with a strong financial background in mind thinking they might shortcut here and there, finding themselves losing behind those who come into this journey knowing what they want, and the outcomes they expect coming out of this.” 

VinHMS is a young tech startup company specializing in providing leading digital transformation solutions in Vietnam and internationally. Currently, VinHMS has launched its cloud-based hospitality management solutions – CiHMS and the digital assets management solutions – CiAMS, trusted by 40 customers all over the country. VinHMS shall be releasing versatile digital transformation products for the hospitality business in the near future as a result of the recent product’s success. 

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