Business Digital transformation and the benefits

Digital transformation plays such a big role in this modern 4.0 era. In recent years, the digital transformation evolution has accelerated at a much larger scale across all industries worldwide. Coming along with the digital transformation journey are the perks of increasing productivity efficiently, alternating the operations methodology, improving customers services and relations, human resources, and partners.

What is digital transformation?

Digital transformation merely means the adoption of digital technologies by the company. Upon the processes, the existing company’s operations, cultures, customer experiences, and value shall transform into a much more efficient, becoming data-driven, responsive, and innovative organization.

The revolution of digital transformation is spreading across the globe. Are you ready to take on your own journey yet?
The digital transformation movement is happening right now. You are either in it or losing behind.

Why should we take on the digital transformation journey?

If the year 2020 was the big milestone of digital transformation for businesses internally, focusing on optimizing operations, technologies infrastructure, v.v., the year 2021 the digital transformation shifts the attention externally on the surrounding environment, the customer experiences. Throughout the journey, 92% have seen the improvement in productivity, 87% of the businesses have observed the recorded customer growth, and 85% have not faced any difficulties in customer retention prior to the start (statistics were collected from IBM Digital transformation report).

2020 also was the year of national digital transformation for Vietnam, starting from 2020 to 2025, forward to 2030. This is the national campaign, supported and approved by the Government as proof of ongoing efforts and the importance of digital transformation on the nation as a whole. Especially during the recent pandemic of COVID-19, which has sped up the digital transformation process national wide. If your business is still considering whether or not to take on this journey, it is now the time to seriously act upon it before it’s too late.

Digital transformation has brought undeniable benefits and core values to any business development, here are just a few of them:

Maximizing data utilization and analysis

As before, the business hasn’t known how to take advantage of the large data collection captured during the business operations, most just let them sit there on the database, worthlessly. Thanks to technology, business owners now can learn to convert these raw data into “gold” material, store them safely in the system, categorize and analyze these carefully. These data later become a big part of all highly precise strategic decisions, suggesting business leaders the best possible solutions for the time-beings and circumstances.

Digital transformation helps maximize data utilization and analysis instead of just storing them away from the system as previously.
Data is gold in this digital transformation age. Thanks to technology, data can be analyzed, stored, served for the decision-making process, and more.

Create business competitive advantages

According to a McKinsey survey, 93% of the superior levels confirmed that their digital transformation process has been absolutely essential and a must to achieve their strategic goals. A quick and smooth digital transformation journey would lead organizations closer to completing their goals and visions, putting themselves ahead of their competitors.

Optimize customer experiences

With technology, businesses are able to respond, support, and communicate with their customers through online messenger tools, making sure their customers are well taken care of. Simply easier for businesses to interact, understand customers’ behaviors and demographic trends, which helps personalize customer experiences in the future. Maximize customers’ satisfaction, from their customers’ retentions, are no longer far beyond reach.

Improve employee experiences

Digital transformation simplifies employee procedures, streamlines information, and provides transparency. Employees get in sync with the organizations’ missions and objectives, all are on the same page, heading in the same direction. Being transparent closes the gap among employees, allows employees to connect and work with each other, encourages them to speak up, sending out feedback for the organization to improve upon. Eventually, creating the two-way communications culture, the sense of belonging, letting them be a part of the organization to stick around and grow with your organization along with their career.

Employees are encouraged to actively collaborate with each other, suggest new ideas, and give feedback as needed to grow and develop their careers along with the company and organizations.
Employee is the core pillar of any company and organization. The digital transformation journey helps enhance employee experience and tighten the connections among employees in the long run.

Prompt data synchronization and assessment

Once taking on digital transformation, investment in proper technology infrastructure is extremely vital. That means all data shall be digitalized, stored, synchronized in real-time, quickly accessible, and cross-checked on the system. Business departments can approach these data upon request at any time anywhere on their mobile devices, enabling information exchange and frequent communication effectively.

Higher productivity

Digital technologies establish a collaborative working environment and initiate learning capabilities, engage employees to contribute innovative and breakthrough ideas to benefit the organization’s growth in the long run. Meanwhile, it empowers businesses to determine their employees’ strengths and weaknesses for better allocating manpower, increasing individual work productivities.

During the digital transformation journey, employees can freely speak up, exchange feedback, and work closely together in achieving the common goal.
Higher efficiency shall come along with the collaborative working environment created by the digital transformation.

Cut down operation expenses

With led-on business insights and other data analyses, business leaders shall be able to make strategic decisions and minimize financial risks and failures. The transformation comes along with exercising business management solutions in action, which monitors and controls workflows, avoiding employees “stepping on” each other feet on the same job. Digitalizing information and documentation are also accountable for reducing operations expenses.

The above are the outstanding advantages of business digital transformation, but how to carry out the digital transformation correctly without becoming a financial burden later on? That is when business owners seek to find professional digital transformation solutions providers for help, just like many leading business organizations in Vietnam have come for consultations from VinHMS’s experts. We are proud to be the innovative cloud-based digital transformation solutions provider in Vietnam, these complete digital transformation solutions are responsive and flexible with all business models. To receive private consultation for your business, please contact VinHMS’s team and meet up with the experts.

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